Life cannot contradict life.
Life is not out to kill life.
Life is here to experience.
Even that which appears to contradict life.
There is no denying love.
Because love is infinite.
There is nothing outside of the infinite.
So why all of this apparent "not love"?
To know "What would it be like?"
Infinite love is obviously curious.
Aren't you?
There is really no being left out of infinite love.
You can create the "illusion" during a day of the journey.
But this is why there is eternal life.
The day ends.
The page turns.
But the sun rises the next day.
And you will take another breath.
We have been given, apparently, free will.
But in love there is nothing other than - to love.
All of life.
If you are here, you have God's love.
If you are breathing it is moving in and out of you.
If you are aware of you - you are the consciousness of One Love.
You may not "think so" - but that is the illusion.
To experiment with support from infinite love.
Into new ideas, new thoughts, new experiences.
Things like war, hatred, genocide, pollution, abortion, disease, exclusion, etc., etc., etc.
That was our experiment
To come experience a duality program and see,
if we could survive a day, or a lifetime.
The larger context is: life never ends.
Both "science" and "religion" tell us so.
But we have been arguing over details, missing the point.
The point is, you are here breathing.
What you think creates your life.
When you focus your attention is what will be fed.
What is your choice to be?
Or something else . . .
The experiment is almost done.
It's time to clean up our mess.
Put all of our toys away.
And begin again.
Find your foundation.
Find your truth.
Which feels better?
Where do you want to go?
Do you actually think you can decide who God loves and who will not be?
Does love even, not love?
Doe love use fear, blame, shame, self hatred?
Not really.
But while you are lost in something you created like "not love" it will seem like it.
But love beckons you home - it uses pain, and other things to motivate.
As the craziness of thought speeds up.
It is easiest to get centered in One self.
By staying in the One moment.
And taking the next deep breath.
Because, my love, my love is here.
It is moving in and out of you.
It is what is supporting you.
It is as close as your breath, my breath.
Because it truly is all mine, and yours.
And it will always be.
And you will see, as soon as you let yourself.