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Dearest Heart

Posted by Andy Skadberg on Monday, February 4, 2013,
Dearest heart,
show me the way to be in the world.
I feel my breath and lungs embrace you.
Giving me life to truly love.
Coaxing me to love all with total abandon.
Inviting me to trust that all that I am,
This truth.
This love.
This eternal now.
That moves through me.
Breath by breath.
Calculating me, multiplying, expanding
To cosmic proportions.
This love is boundless.
This eternal breathing,
says to me, as I now share.
Trust me. Know me. Be me.
We have always been.
But to truly kno...
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Posted by Andy Skadberg on Wednesday, January 30, 2013,
Life cannot contradict life.
Life is not out to kill life.
Life is here to experience.
Even that which appears to contradict life.
There is no denying love.
Because love is infinite.
There is nothing outside of the infinite.
So why all of this apparent "not love"?
To know "What would it be like?"
Infinite love is obviously curious.
Aren't you?
There is really no being left out of infinite love.
You can create the "illusion" during a day of the journey.
But this is why there is ete...
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