Your Breath is the Only Real Currency

Your breath is the supply, the currency for your life from the moment you enter this world, until you take your last breath to pass to other realms. But the Truth of breath, spans the cosmos. It is the supply, the process, for all living, Physical Spirit. All life forms breath. So the truth is, that the monetary and economic systems are based on illusion, belief systems that have created great suffering and confusion. The Universal Breathing Bank will change this. As we recognize the flow of the Divine, through our breath, Consciously, we will discover that there are no limitations. We have an eternal, ever available supply to draw from as needed. Think about this. Have you ever not been supplied the necessary oxygen? So here, at the Univeral Breathing Bank we will come together, and work together, to understand the real support system. To live in Prosperity, Abundance, Freedom - because this is the truth. And the breath is our touch-stone. The place that we begin. If you doubt this, look into all the spiritual teachings - they all, at some point, point you to your breath. To ground your Being in some kind of practical application of breathing.