As we breathe in and out, we empower ourselves to create our entire lives. Our vision, dreams and beliefs set our boundaries. The Reverence for Life Fellowship sees a world defined by peace, love and abundance. We have expressed this Vision in various ways to encompass our world, working together as one family, in harmony.

ed Radio we give the message of possibilities to our listeners who then take that message to the World! Be part of something awesome - We are the Occupy The Air Waves Station; bringing news to a new level. We are creating something together.

EcoArts Council/Center - Facebook page - prepares children, their families and communities for success! Our mission is to build awareness and knowledge about the fields of Environmental Arts, Ecology and Natural Living. It is a Center that supports "Creative Collaborative Networking".

Rural Innovation Institute - is an evolving "digital university" featuring the works of Dr. Skadberg and the need to gather practical, common-sense solutions to various opportunities that are available to us as we seek to "re-create the world".

QC Collective - Facebook page - is a cooperative business retailing local artists and crafts-people's creative works. Located in downtown Rock Island, Illinois in the Quad Cities, the QC Collective is stimulating a "buy local" initiative aiming to empower people to "make their dreams come true" and Sharing without reservations.

Eye Am Sharing - is a new concept in networking resources called "collaborative networking". The culmination of Dr. Skadberg's Ph.D work, examining the use of the Internet by small business, Eye Am Sharing is developing to assist people to better "share their stories", while also fostering opportunities for like-minded people to come together and make their collective dreams come true, through collaborative networking.

Experience Co-Evolution Group - is a tourism and community development consulting team - our expertise focuses on economic, social and environmental - utilizing the power of cooperatives, creativity, experiential education and technology.

HOME (Honoring Our Mother Earth) Communities and Network - Facebook page - OUR VISION for HOME Communities is: To create a network of communities that will utilize the best principles for social, economic and environmental viability – benefitting the community member´s individual personal and spiritual development in total harmony with the natural environment (Mother Earth, Gaia).

13LightMessages - the blog of Andy Skadberg

World Proclamation for Emancipation - is a written statement about the gathering of a variety of online resources and efforts to create a new reality for humanity. A direct result of the book "Vision - We ARE Re-creating the World" by Andrew Skadberg, Ph.D, this statement and diagram maps out various online resources that will be gathered together to empower individuals and communities.