"The kingdom of heaven is within" reminds us to know that our life experience is more about discovering the treasures within us to transform our outward experiences. We are not victims of the world of our senses, we are the creators. So, give yourSelf an "inward ovation", or in-ovation. Clap, dance, sing and play on the inside knowing that you can Trust Your Breath. That is truly the most powerful innovation that you can bring to the world - a re-cognition that your breath, the process itself, is trustworthy and knows exactly what it is doing.

There is no "thinking" solution to the "apparent" conundrums we see with our eyes and entertain with our minds. It is thinking, disconnected from Source Knowing that has created this world that we might feel is in such disarray - a manifestation of shallow breathing consciousness (btw a very important experiment in consciousness). But all truly is in order. The movement of Divine Love, via One Breath is taking us to our only destination, ourSelves. We are already Home. You truly are what you have been, and are looking for and you haven't been lost because you have been breathing. You just thought all this stuff.

Here is a description of how The Practice can guide you back into the drivers seat of your life.

The Practice - The Breath Process
how it affects all areas of our lives to put us in the "drivers seat" of our own experiences.

- Breath

- Moods, Feelings (guidance system)
(visit The Moods Channel)

- Words (creation)

- Vision moving from within into experiences of the NOW by processing and evaluating as a natural way of being, similar to using a rear-view mirror but not driving using history (like driving your car looking in the rear-view mirror, instead of out of the windshield) as the only reference. As we are processing our experiences we are determining whether or not we want to continue to experience the same kinds of things, or something new.

We are breathing consciously into our body and  creating the vibrational sensations (sight, hearing, taste, touch, smell) and conscious expressions and experiences that we call life. We have broken down our world and beings into increasingly complex systems of words which have taken us out to the fringes of our collective and individual experience. It is now time to center into the truth of our One-ness. We are now accepting that we are living in the driver's seat of our reality.

WE ARE, each One of us, expressing vibrational energies of our conscious deep breaths, which is really only ONE thing, us. What our experience has been doing during this short chapter of our "human" existence has been about fragmentation/separation. And although it has been an invaluable experiment, it has now fulfilled its purpose.

Before we were using words and labels, we had one thing - our breath. In our breath was the pure potentiality of what some have called "god's mind". We have been using our breath to create our gods. The word "God" is one that has some of the greatest misunderstanding. So, we can knowingly embrace our emotionally loaded words as our own creations and take people on the ride of their life, so to speak, to ideas, thoughts, and beliefs that we can take full responsibility for being in a system which is meant to serve us all.

The Practice addresses each of these areas of our experience (see figure 3) without dogma or judgment and brings us back into the harmony with ourselves utilizing the guidance system, built in, that we call our feelings (emotions). Leaving behind "theologies" or doctrines based on ignorance, fear, shame, guilt, blame and allowing unimpeded self-expression. Our breath as our source, accepted and appreciated with gratitude brings about harmonic changes by itself. But a conscious awareness enhances the joy of the experience. It is almost as if there is a new operating system being uploaded from within, into our being.

As you become more attentive to the pleasure of each sense experience, love is fed back into source love which further increases the joy and wonder of each expression and experience. This creates an opportunity, allowing you to drop all of the old "dramas and traumas" to be replaced by whatever you choose. Essentially putting each one of us in the center of our own creation which is what we are, whether we believe it or not.

Our process is now more Self full-filling and progressive.

The Illusion of 2, duality has been the experiment.
This information is becoming more and more prominent in our collective consciousness, although it has always been known as part of our human heritage. (To see a very interesting set of messages related to the "Law of One" follow this link)

2 eyes, 2 ears, 2 hands, arms, legs, feet, 2 nostrils, etc.

The Truth of ONE
1 consciousness
1 heart
1 Breath
1 Voice
1 thalamus, pituitary, pineal
1 thought
1 now, moment
1 experience

Conscious Deep Breathing = source, pulsating and spiraling into our One-ness, grounding, installing the original/new operating system. Also, likely might be associated with the "turning on" of additional DNA strands.

The way that Desmond Green has Shared The Practice, it addresses the various aspects of our life, as presented in figure 3, in a positive way.

Each of the suggestions in the book address ways that we, especially western influenced peoples like in the U.S., see our lives playing out. The Practice presents affirmative, proactive steps to examine the various areas of our life experience and to help us get grounded, rather than living in a reactive, defensive posture where life seems to be happening to us. To use a metaphor that most people will understand, The Practice helps us get back into knowing that we have always been the driver's seat our lives, and to take hold of the steering wheel, accelerator and brake of our car to be able to drive with confidence to get us to all of the destinations that we choose - rather than being a victim of circumstance, or chance.

As you look at Diagram 3, you can see that The Practice's various suggestions address concerns related to how many of us are experiencing our lives. Some of the practices are more direct in their effect. For example "Self Talk" can be seen to directly affect our thoughts, beliefs, feelings, relationships, self/ego and spiritual. Yet at the same time Healthy Nutrition and Exercise affects our thinking and feelings. For example, we have all experienced "crankiness" when we get over hungry.

Of course, this is only a presentation, itself with an interpretation so it not authoritative. The purpose is to help us to realize that as we allow our attention, which is our primary creative power, to be squandered in fragmented ways, then our lives are experienced supporting ideas and experiences that we may not prefer. The Practice is designed to bring us back to center, and to begin to create the lives that we choose, deliberately and with joy.

The most important idea to begin to understand is that Conscious Deep Breathing affects all of these areas. Also, all of these processes, like self-talk, unconditional self-acceptance, healthy nutrition, exercise, trust and vision also affect each other. So this presentation is only to emphasize how The Practice is designed to help us in each of the major areas that we have come to understand how life happens, both internal and external (which is only an illusion because everything is actually happening inside of us - this is what Jesus was referring to about "the kingdom of heaven").

To conclude this "short course" we recommend that you view some very short videos from Desmond.

The Power of Words


On Your Mood

Manage Your Moods through Tracking

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Figure 1. Leonardo DaVinci's Vitruvian Man - hides a complex analysis of sacred geometric forms underlying creation and man as an expression, or measuring stick (see The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life by Drunvalo Melchizedek)
Figure 2. Conscious Deep Breathing
"All the movements of the body and within the body are continuously taking place due to the mild, slow burning taking place in the body. Any action of the body or in the body directly affects both blood circulation and breathing. This burning is a result of breathing and blood circulation. This ensures adequate oxygen supply for movements and is a critical necessity for creative thought processes and rational thinking.
     • Conscious deep breathing helps to burn
        away disempowering thought patterns."
        excerpt of The Practice

Our conscious and physical sense perceptions are fueled via our breath. External life, and sense, experiences are actually internal and interpreted by our thoughts which are framed within our belief systems.

Figure 3. A representation of human life has been labeled and categorized by our existing belief systems. In no way is this image "a truth", or scientific analysis. It is merely one possible way to interpret how, through language, our "reality" and how human experience can play out. One could add innumerable "word" concepts to this diagram. These ideas are generalized to give the reader an understanding that our "thought forms" create our life experience. Most of these interpretations are presented to us through education or religious instructions as some kind of truth. They are not "the truth"!, they are only one set of interpretations that are handed down generation after generation through culture or societies. If a person wants to understand how and where their lives happen from, they must be willing to examine their belief systems and assumptions. George Orwell highlighted in his books that language highly affects our life experiences. (to begin to examine your "thinking processes" we recommend the e-book "When Love Guides Your Thoughts")
Figure 4. Flower of Life / Metatron's Cube - 13 circles - the sacred geometry underlying all of creation. (see The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life by Drunvalo Melchizedek) For a nice video presentation Spirit Science - The Flower of Life
Figure 5. The Eye of Horus and thalamus gland (The Eye of Horus is associated with Mystery Schools in Egypt) and the thalamus gland is in the human brain. See the all seeing eye - "The light of the body is the eye: therefore when thine eye is single, thy whole body also is full of light; but when thine eye is evil, thy body also is full of darkness." Jesus - "evil" in this context is related to the "fall of man" to have the knowledge of "good and evil", or duality.
Figure 5. One heart.
"The more I think about it, there is nothing more artistic than to love others". Vincent Van Gogh