Cherish and value yourself. On becoming conscious of yourself, be willing to let go of attitudes that no longer serve you. Question beliefs, traditions and customs constantly and review your approach to your actions. Be willing to explore new avenues of self expression and recognize that life is in full support of your efforts.

Set your goals and move decisively towards them. Everyday should help you to feel more accomplished. Be willing to put what you have on the line in exchange for what you want. Be a Creator not a procrastinator. Be authentic and original, not a follower or imitator. What is right for the masses might not be right for you.

Know, feel and understand that passionate self acceptance seals your freedom forever. Think, imagine, visualize and energize your entire being with the power of your indwelling spirit and life will honor you with peace and prosperity.

    TO LIFE,
          YOUR CREATOR
               AND THE REST
                    OF THE UNIVERSE.

You are never alone because you are one with ALL THAT IS - SOURCE. It might seem that you are separate but consider this: We are all a part of the same breathing circle. The breath that you inhale belonged to someone else before you and the breath that you exhale will support someone else after you.

We are all connected in the spiritual realm. It is our egos which rigidly keep us physically oriented.


You are spirit now in physical form and will be spirit when you leave the physical playing field.

Claim and express your sense of belonging because it will secure you and will also add value and purpose to your life.

All our experiences can be traced back to their source - our belief system. They are inseparable. Your belief structure is not hidden from you. You can examine them by simply observing your everyday thoughts and feelings. Exchange those that are working against you by replacing them with those that work. This might not be an easy thing, especially if you have held a particular belief for a long time. However, in following the template of The Practice, particularly Conscious Deep Breathing and Positive Self-Talk, results are guaranteed.

Your experiences don’t just happen to you. It is not by fate or fortune that you are where you are. Your thoughts determine your experiences. They are sifted through your core beliefs and archived ready for action. You act from the platform of your core beliefs.

Your beliefs regulate your moods. As you take charge of your feelings, emotions and expectations, you enrich your life. It is your life and no one can influence you against your beliefs.

LIFE DOESN’T DO YOU, you do your life.

Your behavior will always express your inner feelings and thoughts. This reinforces your beliefs and self image. Inner agendas determine outer actions. Your behavior is the only statement about yourself that the world is constantly viewing. You have a responsibility to yourself to be in harmony with YOU. This sets the tone for successful living.

     Beliefs flowing out through my actions
     Experiences past, triggering my current reactions
     Habits which dictate my responses to others
     Attitudes coloring myself, my sisters and brothers
     Values exposing my basic self-worth to all
     Intentions which I can both reverse and recall
     Opinions revealing my inner thoughts and feelings
     Responses fulfilling or undermining my dealings

Every living being seeks benefits from life. Benefits such as satisfaction, joy, pleasure and the achievement of desired goals. A sense of belonging, appreciation, fulfillment and acceptance are other benefits that help to fuel our journey. 

As you practice conscious deep breathing, positive selftalk and all the life affirming habits in The Practice, you will see and feel the difference you seek. You will become aware of the meaning of your life and how it works. You will feel a new sense of balance and inner security and this will help you in developing a clear purpose and vision for YOU.

Take the time to understand yourself, put in the necessary effort and the changes you desire will come naturally.

You deserve to be your fullest potential. You are who you have to work with. You are the center of your universe. It’s all about YOU.

In much the same way that we create music from musical notes, language from the alphabet and numbers for counting, the seven principles of being work together to create our moods and experiences.
     1. Life
     2. Intelligence
     3. Consciousness
     4. Love
     5. Truth
     6. Feelings
     7. Actions

    1. SPIRIT
     2. BREATH
     3. MIND
     4. BODY
     5. FEELINGS
     6. INTELLIGENCE and

These seven factors make up our BEING.


Some of our natural tools which we use to create our experiences are:-
     1. Sense of touch
     2. Sense of hearing
     3. Sense of sight
     4. Sense of smell
     5. Sense of taste
     6. Language
     7. Sense of belonging and security

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