The Practice is a template for successful living. To be
 effective, it must become a daily standard of living. Its benefits are self confidence, clarity of vision, freedom from anxiety, a lasting sense of security and true abundance.
Practitioners of this model are more in touch with themselves and those around them. They are able to move from a brain-focused approach to life, to a breath-based relationship with all of life.
The Practice encourages openness, truthfulness and a
 willingness to trust yourself. Success depends on a commitment to growth as well as complete honesty and integrity.

You can talk but The Practice supports the walk.

The Practice  
The Daily Template
Conscious Deep Breathing
     Breath Views
     Your Breath Bank
Living Gems 
Self Talk, Create A New Experience, Where Is Your Focus?

Healthy Nutrition, 
     Unconditional Self Acceptance
Vision, Visioning For Prosperity 
Spirit of Generosity 
     Your Passion 

     7 Principles of Being, 7 Factors of Creation, 7 Tools of Creation 
Concluding Ideas
     Proud To Be Me 
     A Reverence For Life Approach 
     Image Based VS Breath Based Relationships 
     Attitudes That Work 

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