Listen to others 
but follow yourself 
and you will never be lost

Hiding your talents 
is the biggest waste of your energies

The only way to get rid of fears 
is to follow them to their source

How I live my life and the choices I make today 
determine what my experiences will be tomorrow

Appreciation is the bread of life 
which everyone and everything everywhere 
Thrives on

I am always in the best place
To learn what life has to teach me

Invest your thoughts and feelings 
in actions which you and others can enjoy
 and life will reward you 
with inner satisfaction

Feed you mind on thoughts which lift you above the things that would disturb your peace of mind and you will also find the keys to Heaven and its delights

You are in Heaven
when you are having a good laugh

Turn every disappointment
into a good luck charm
Treat each one as your personal guide
to safe haven

Include the rest of life
and you will be complete

Trust your nature
stand on what is inside of you
not what is passing outside

Do the best you can
at whatever you put your mind or hand to
The satisfaction of achievement
is life’s greatest reward

Take time to think before you act
but do not use thinking
as a substitute for action

Count your blessings
and they will chase your heartaches away

Appreciate your own insights
they are Divine gems
which help you to value life more

The more you can help others
without making them feel helpless,
the more they will be inspired
to help themselves

It is the little things that we do
and the kind words we share
that go to prepare our paths ahead

What I give out
Returns to me with interest

All experiences are my lessons
which assist my growth and development.
Only by finding and appreciating the lesson
can I overcome the experience.

Enjoy your own company
and you will never be lonely

Take time to laugh
It is a Divine expression

Every smile does wonders
for all who experience it

If you spend your energies on regret
you are missing out on valuable life lessons

Define yourself by your deeds
not by other people’s expectations

Seek only after those things you are willing to create
and watch life match every effort you make
with amazing support

Live as if your life is yours
to cultivate, express and enjoy

Give others the credit they deserve
And they will share the interest with you

Learn from your experiences
there are no mistakes in life
only trials and errors
which lead you to know how life really works

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