Our self talk determines our identity. I become what I think and say about myself and others. What I feel about my enemies affects me far more deeply than it will ever affect them. My words create images, which give birth to my actions and experiences. There is always a direct connection between my actions and my innermost thoughts.

My internal dialogue of self talk includes my feelings and emotions which construct my belief systems. All my actions flow out of my current belief system which then determines my unique life views and experiences.

As we take full responsibility for our self talk, we consciously determine how we will experience our lives. Ultimately, our self talk becomes the blue print for our lifestyles. Our breathing patterns regulate our thinking - what I say, what I feel and how I act. Besides Conscious Deep Breathing, self talk has the greatest influence over the quality and outcome of our daily activities.

Our minds are always chattering, feeding on memories, images, feelings, emotions and moods. If we allow ourselves to dwell on past hurts,  disappointments or fears we can expect to repeat those experiences. But we can change the current template by aligning our self talk to what is real. What is real is that each of us is a spark of Divine Life. We are all one with Source. We never were and cannot be separate from what created us. In this knowledge we must build our new identity template. We are all eternal life already, breathing consciously forever.

You and I are at cause of every experience, personal and global. You and I through our internal and external dialogue create the world as we see, feel and experience it. You and I have creative license to be who we want to be, express ourselves fully and live our grandest dreams.

Will our dreams spark benefits for others also? Remembering that we are one in spiritual reality, you cannot create something that will harm another, without harming yourself first.

The fusion of your breath with your internal and external dialogue (thoughts, feelings, emotions, words) creates your experience. You are always creating. To create consciously use life affirming self talk.

10 Positive Affirmations
1. I AM breath, light, intelligence, feelings and energies
2. I AM a positive channel through which life expresses
3. I AM in the right place, at the right time to experience my total fulfillment
4. I AM a channel of Infinite wisdom
5. I trust my nature completely to secure me
6. I AM a storehouse of abundance and prosperity now
7. I AM unlimited potential
8. I AM a perfect whole and complete expression of my Creator
9. I AM the genius of the universe in physical form
10.I AM a creative spark

Because you are one with the creative process (LIFE) you can say these with conviction and passion.

Did your Ex drop a bomb on you again? Do you want to name your boss idiot of the year? Are those nosy neighbors up in your face again? Your family is all up in your business, right? So many things to stew about, so little time in which to do it; it makes you so mad you could bust, or kick the dog, or break a vase, the Swarovski crystal STOP!!! Get over it! Life happens! Next, do you want revenge or do you want to change the experience?

Have you ever noticed that without all of this sludge your life is great? Without the Ex! Why doesn’t he just get on with his life? Why don’t you? The more focus you give to the situation, the more you bind it to yourself and the more of same you can expect.

Your boss is infuriating! So get a new job. Easier said than done eh? The point is you are never stuck but you are inextricably bound to the situation by your resentment, anger, emotionally embroiled soup. This is the immutable law of creation. Look through a new window and view new panoramic scenery. The landscape changes with YOUR focus.

So what if you don’t feel it? Pretend until it feels real. You have had joy spots in your life before, bring back those tracks to mind. Treat yourself to something nice, you deserve it. It doesn’t have to cost you an arm or a leg. A luxurious hot bath, listen to your favorite music, put on some snappy dance music, take yourself out to lunch, take a bus trip to another part of the city, look through an old scrap book, invite a friend over to share a meal, or just BREATHE, this doesn’t cost a cent.

Create a new experience of joy 
Your focus cannot be in two places at the same time. BREATHE DEEPLY and consciously choose to experience joy by bringing to mind a joyful thought, the feelings and emotions will follow. Bring the mind back to your joy spot if it wonders. It will want revenge, it will want to stay focused on the unpleasant event, don’t let it. Gently bring it back on track. The mind is like a lady, it doesn’t take kindly to bullying. But it can be won over easily if you say, “not so, here is my new focus, feast on this”.

Breathe in a new mood
Once you are out of the immediate feeling of desperation, frustration and anger, you can begin to change your mood. New moods are anchored by deep breathing patterns along with new sights, new sounds, new images, new tastes and even new smells. Art, music, food, water, flowers, perfume are only a few of the myriad mood enhancers. Our favorite is DEEP CONSCIOUS BREATHING. Sit in a comfortable chair, close your eyes - you can be transported immediately. Spend the next 10 minutes breathing in a new soothing mood, use your imagination, the experience will always follow. At best you will feel more centered and less aggravated.

Create freedom
You have the freedom and the authority as a Creator to experience anything you want in your life as long you are committed to the change. Change need not be tiresome or frustrating. In this new millennium energy is simply a breath and a thought away. If you are struggling, you are working against yourself.

Give up the struggle. Approach everything in your life with a playful attitude. Take the action which is in your best interest to change the situation and leave the rest to the universe.

The universe gives lovingly to its children. All the serious adults who rigidly conformed to old patterns of hate, anger or resentment are quickly recycled. You are a creator whether or not you consciously acknowledge it. You now have the freedom to create whatever you want. YES you do! If you believe! We are in a magical realm where dreams do come true for those who take the childlike approach to dream, trust and play.

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