The art of Conscious Deep Breathing begins with an awareness of what the breath is doing. To do this one must become an inner-world explorer. Develop enough curiosity with how breath works and allow yourself to wander around inside your being to observe the way in which breath functions and its benefits to you.

Conscious deep breathing is the first of seven principles under-girding The Practice.

Breath is life. You are living because you are breathing. A "shallow breathing practice” is the root of scarcity, greed, insecurity, anxiety, fear and the cause of all violence. The more diligently we practice the art of conscious deep breathing the easier it will be for us to achieve those goals which we set ourselves in life.

As we see our breath as spiritual fuel and RECOGNISE, ACCEPT, APPRECIATE and EMBRACE it, it becomes our lifeline to love happiness, health, wealth, inner peace and lasting security.

10 ideal occasions for practicing deep breathing
1. During heated conversations, to avert arguments
2. When stuck in bumper to bumper traffic
3. When awaiting news of an emergency nature
4. While waiting to address a public gathering
5. When facing the unknown
6. To diffuse boiling anger or pent up rage
7. When facing critical choices
8. When you want to create positive results
9. When you want to overcome haunting fears

Behind every expression is its breath. Whatever I am looking at is its breath. The breath behind all manifestation is its essence, which is the infinite, universal LIFE supporting all life. It is infused in all life and expresses itself through all things, animate and inanimate.
To surrender to your breath is to give permission to the infinite wisdom, LIFE, to express through you. At this point, the little human gives way to his/her Universal nature. At the level of the Divine, life is an effortless, joyful, loving expression of itself.

The Divine has no problems, because It, by its very nature, is the solution. The Divine has no lack, because It is everything that was, is and will ever be created. The Divine sees only its overflowing abundance. The Divine cannot be lonely or unloved because Its essence is love and It lives through all of Its unique expressions. The Divine does not understand disease or illness because It is LIFE.

THIS IS WHO I AM. THIS IS WHO YOU ARE. THIS IS WHO WE ALL ARE; the Universal nature expressing through the individual; Experiencing itself in all of its myriad aspects and views. We never question our breaths, we simply breathe. Where does it come from? Who keeps it going? The intelligence of the universe has each of us in place and will support each one according to his belief and trust in it. There is no other authority other than that of your breath. This is your connection to the SOURCE. This is your point of influence. This is your liberation from the illusion of poverty, disease, low self-esteem, loneliness, lack or limitation of any kind. Your Divinity envelopes everything you feel, think, see or touch. You are Divine breath in flesh; a full co-creator with the essence of YOUR SOURCE.

Neither wealth nor poverty exists as realities. Both are illusionary states created in 3D for my experience; the experience of myself as a creator. Life simply IS its breath. It breathes its potential into every area of influence through my unique breath perspective and I have the joy or sorrow to name it what I WILL. But it is always AT MY WILL that everything that I see comes into being. Jesus said, ‘nothing comes into being but by me.’ And so it is with us. We breathe our potential into everything and everything we see springs from our breath based reality.

Think of your breath as your energy potential bank account. You draw on it every moment of every day and consciously or unconsciously spend it according to your thought/feeling/belief patterns of yesterday. The fact that on every breath intake you take in oxygen to supply vital nutrients to the body and exhale toxins is secondary.

The primary fact is that every intake contains latent possibilities for the unique creation of your world… persons, places, experiences and things. With every inhale you take in raw material for the creation of your masterpiece and on the exhale you give it its reality. With every exhale you authorize a formation, construction or destruction of magnificent proportion. IT can only exist by means of YOU, the creator. IT has no other life apart from the one you give it. It has no other meaning but the meaning that you ascribe to it.

Creating thought/feeling/belief pattern
Creating new thought/feeling/belief patterns is as easy as taking your next breath. It is your next breath, fused with the energy of your desire that will create your new pattern…IF YOU DON’T BREAK THE MOLD. What mold? The mold that you create as you send out your desire! To wonder, ponder, doubt, fear or even hope that a thing will or will not happen will break a positive mold every time.

With purpose, clarity and the full authority of a creator cast the die and let it be. None of your thoughts/feelings/beliefs can come back to you void. Your harvest will be exactly as you have sown. The universe has a precise blueprint. It cannot alter or change your design. It cannot play favorites because it doesn’t care what you create. It only knows HOW TO create using your unique breath patterns, formation, construction or destruction of magnificent proportion. IT can only exist by means of YOU, the creator. IT has no other life apart from the one you give it. It has no other meaning but the meaning that you ascribe to it.

Thought/feeling/belief patterns took time to set in and therefore may take time to be replaced. However, with undiluted clarity you can make changes which appear instantly. As a matter of fact all changes happen instantly but are perceived according to our thought/feeling/belief patterns about time and reality and about how long a thing should take.

In this new energy of BreathFusion everything is NOW. 
Key words and phrases to note in your new creation: Knowing, Practice, Patience, Understanding, Clarity, Unconditional Self-Acceptance or Love, Forgiveness, Acceptance of what is, Willingness to change, Balance, Beauty, Trust yourself, integrity. Honestly explore your thoughts, feelings and beliefs. Own them. They are your creations. But change them if they don’t serve you.

Breathe life into your finances, your relationships, your body, and your surroundings. Breathe peace into war, abundance into poverty, health into illness. Breathe life on the illusion of death. Breathe for those around you who have forgotten who they are. Spend your next breath wisely. BreathFusion is your Kingdom of Heaven.

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