All of life is actively and passionately giving of itself to itself. As we share in this process we open ourselves to receive all the abundance of the universe. This is the essential law behind tithing.

When we tap into nature’s process of giving and receiving we discover that that is our true nature as well. In practicing consciously to follow our true nature of giving and receiving, we perfect our own spirit of generosity. Everything we have is the result of a generous outpouring from the universe to us - our spirit, our minds and our bodies.

Hoarding and greed stem from shallow breathing fears of lack and scarcity. They block the natural cornucopia of the universe. Developing a spirit of generosity brings us back in balance with nature.

• When you are low on finances - give cash or kind
• When you feel unloved - give love
• When you feel unsupported - give support to someone else
• If you desire to be wealthy - cause someone to become wealthy
• If you desire friendship - offer friendship to someone

Find your passion,
Use it to serve humanity
With compassion and verve.
Let the light in.
Open your windows to heaven.
Allow abundance to increase,
Be the leaven to lift the weight effortlessly.
You’ve tried your hands at many things,
It’s time to make fantasy reality;
Give your dreams wings
To soar and bring
Creature comforts galore.
For Life feels your passion at its core,
And gives you more,
Until your cup overflows,
And with abundance shows
The generosity of the universe.
As you serve,
So you deserve.

By Dawn Vaz-Green

Trust is self-acceptance of the kind which your own spirit secures body, soul and mind. It is embracing our breath as our physical reality. Trust begins with recognizing our breath as the source of our life and choosing to live one conscious deep breath at a time. As a skill however, trust develops first with attention to our feelings and is perfected with practice. It is complete trust in ourselves that leads to self-awareness, which is the sum total of our identity.

Self-awareness is all of what we are accepting ourselves as being consciously. It is our identity which helps us to live confidently from within. The goal of our consciousness has been to realize that we are what we have to trust. In all literature and traditions we have been instructed to know ourselves and through this knowledge achieve the basis for living dynamic, creative lives.

Self-awareness starts with paying attention to our physical selves; what we eat, drink, see, taste, smell and are able to feel. Our entire physical world is an ocean of sensations wrapped in the elements of air, fire, water and earth vibrations in the playful dance that we experience as ourselves. Through ‘The Practice’ we are now able to live on purpose and in the NOW. Finally, because this is a practice, there is very little room for intellectual speculations and analysis as a substitute for living.







and expressing

My world


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